So, I forgot to take a picture of my lunch today. (Yes, I’m feeling okay. The rash hasn’t gone to my head.) For inquiring minds: it was a chicken with peppers and mozzarella sandwich, minus the sandwich part.

On the way home, I found this GEM (Yorganic) of a place. For New Yorkers, it’s at Hanover Square. Not only do they have 4 bazillion different smoothies, you can also customize the smoothies. And by smoothies, I mean the actual fruit, no yogurt and fruit juice bullshit. This one was strawberry, banana, mango and protein powder. Yum! So FiDi may not the most happening place in the world, but hey, at least there are plenty of healthy options…and I can get extra exercise by climbing the subway stairs (oh yay) and taking long walks 🙂 Could be worse.

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