*Abby:* keep up the fight against food! its a struggle, as you know, but whenever you need motivation look at old pictures! Abby, one of my college buddies, was a huge motivation when I started losing weight…even though I don’t know if I ever told her that. (Well, now you know, Abbers.) We shared clothes when we started college…and we could still share clothes when we were graduating…but those clothes were quite a few sizes bigger. About two years ago, she lost a ton of weight and looks so incredibly hot. We had a long chat this am about the whole weight loss thing (and life in general) and this was the end of our conversation. It’s totally true. Maybe I’ll post a before-and-after soon. Another insight from our convo: not only is it physically harder to lose those last 15, but also socially harder, as people say “But you look great, you can totally eat [whatever unhealthy food].” Let this be known: NO. I cannot eat [whatever unhealthy food]. I still have 15 more pounds I want to lose, and I will eat healthily for the rest of my life. But thanks for asking 🙂

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