On goals, etc.

So, upon coming back from Aruba, after eating lots of fried food and drinking my weight in calories, I still lost a pound. I was *pretty good* the 2-3 weeks between getting back from Aruba and heading to DC. The days I was at the conference and not posting, I ate sorta-not good stuff. But the big difference between now and pre-February 18* is that when I diverge from my healthy lifestyle (not go off diet, since this is a new lifestyle), I start craving the healthy stuff again. However, the diversions have been a bit more frequent lately. And they’re not worth it. The half-cupcake I had the other day was meh. The half-bagel I had this morning I could barely taste. So, occasisonally indulging keeps me on track by not making me feel like I’m denying myself, but I’m cutting back on the indulgences. I’m also trying to cook more/bring more lunches. Once I feel better…

But goddamn, I’m still craving a red velvet cupcake!!

*I started seeing Trainer Joel on Feb. 18. I know this because I found a gchat with Meg dated Feb. 18, where I told her it was the first day of the rest of my life. Searching for “Meg” “life” and “trainer” in my e-mail showed me that this was not the first time I had told her this, so I don’t blame her for being incredulous at first.

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