Inspired by this new running fanatic, I just bought myself one of these(thanks, girl! Until now, I thought I had to have a Nano in order to use Nike+). I didn’t want to splurge on a Garmin, so this seemed like a healthy (read: cheaper) compromise.

I’m sick of relying on running buddies to tell me how far we’ve gone and at what pace. Plus, this will be an easy way to track my progress.

For about $80 (including S+H and a shoe pouch for the sensor I bought separately), this system is less than half the price of similar devices I’ve seen. Even on sale, the cheapest Garmin will still run you $170, plus they seem like sort of a pain to use.

Anyone used the Nike+ SportBand? What do you think?

OMG YES. YES. YES! Mine is sitting on my desk and I can’t wait to get home and try it!  Apparently you can also “race people around the world,”  which naturally means I think the entire blog world should get it and then we can run together and race; you know you wanna… [warning: you will LOSE, and by ‘LOSE’ I mean ‘WIN’ because I am a very slow runner]

As soon as I use it I’ll update asap and let you know my thoughts on the product along with my stats (pace, distance, time, cal ect) 

As I bought the purple iPod nano on the weekend, I just bought the chip part (C$40) and shoe part (C$10) as the Nike watch didn’t suit me well because I like running with a watch with a timer (as I run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute).

Oh, it’s on, sista! We may tie, I’m not so fast either 🙂

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