Today in food

  • Turkey burger and bruschetta as a late lunch/afternoon snack
  • Pump for dinner…

I’m so super-tired right now, so I didn’t do it, but tomorrow I’m going to try really hard to plan out some meals for the week so I can save some more money. Also, I’m going to track more of my exercise here. The better I look, I feel as though the easier it is to slack, so I’m going to keep myself super-super accountable for these last 15 pounds.

That includes admitting no cardio this weekend. Yesterday I was planning on that being a rest day, so that was okay. Today, I was just too tired. EXCUSE, LAME, I KNOW.

Tomorrow I am seeing Joel bright and early. On Joel days, I don’t usually also do cardio. Tomorrow I will run after my session with him — killing both the cardio and the running birds with one fell workout stone.

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