Why it’s harder to lose those last pounds

I always thought there was some uber-scientific reason behind it, and possibly there is also a more scientific reason to it, but Joel explained it to me this morning: When you’re heavier, you’re carrying around more weight. Take me, for example. When I weighed 35 pounds more, it was the equivalent of present me carrying a 35-pound weight on the elliptical. Obviously I would lose more. So as you get closer to your goal weight (15 pounds away!), it gets harder. That’s why I’m going to kick up my cardio (details to come, when I figure them out) and I’m sure Joel is going to do his part to kick my ass harder.

Though he was impressed I didn’t gain anything on vacation. (Don’t try that diet at home!) He said that was a good sign that my metabolism was doing awesome.

He also wanted me to tell y’all that I didn’t lose this weight through more healthy eating alone. So I’ll be posting more about my exercise later. For now I’ll whet your palate with the fact I leg pressed 530 pounds this morning.

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