Piece of cake? It was surprisingly hard to pull myself out of bed today to do this short run (to keep my legs loose for the half-marathon tomorrow)… I attribute the difficulty to:

1. three glasses of wine with the visiting Gilstraps at Otto, then a DELISH Casa Mono dinner last night

2. the fact that short runs aren’t challenging. Yeah, there’s something about tackling a 17-, 18-, 20-miler that gets you pumped up, so when your alarm goes off, you think, “BOOYAH, let’s go attack this sucker and get it over with and feel like a stud!”

Three miles? Lame. It was kind of nice, though, once I got to it. I ran without an iPod, so I had time to think about various crap that is flooding my brain currently… and I also had inspiration from running by a group of soldiers hoofing it through the park as well. Loved the enthusiasm they put into their chants. I’m stealing this one for next time I want to drop out/kill myself during a race:

I got pain

In my legs

That’s okay

I like it there

I love it there

I PUT it there

I want it there



ha ha HA!


ha ha HA!

I am totally going to keep this in mind for my race!!

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