A weekend in food

Yesterday, I tried this weird new thing called a “digital camera.” You can’t make phone calls from it, and it doesn’t have any apps, but it does take decent pictures. Ooh! It also has this light thing, I think it’s called a flash, that brightens the objects you’re taking pictures of.

After the race yesterday, I was STARVING, so I had a spinach feta wrap. (And also some pretzels and coconut water post-race. And a banana. I absolutely love bananas, but they never taste better than after running a race.)

For lunch, I had some chicken from the Market Basket and a little side salad with some grape tomatoes and bruschetta in lieu of salad dressing. I was so hungry that I had another piece of chicken.

After lunch and a much-deserved nap (I woke up before 6!), I went out for dinner for my friend Lauren’s birthday. We went to the Rio Grande and I had the below fajitas…and some margaritas. Are margaritas healthy? NOOOOOOO. Do I love them? YES. Do I have them often? No. Also, D.C. readers, the NYC Rio Grande is so-so. The Rio Grande/Uncle Julio chain in D.C.? I LOVE. Especially their margaritas. Especially the one in Bethesda. Anyway, I had the chicken/steak fajitas and went easy on the sour cream and went hard on the guacamole, obviously.

And this morning, I was craving some Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, so I had a turkey sausage flatbread.

Enjoy the nice photos for now (save for that flatbread one…don’t know what happened) because I would usually much rather snap a quick one on the iPhone and post it then wait to upload photos to my computer.

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