And a smoothie with protein. I ran outside of work without a jacket, which was really kind of a silly idea on a day like today.

As I stood shivering outside the smoothie cart, the smoothie man said, “I’ll warm you up!” Keep in mind here that he works in the cart with his wife. I started cracking up, and he said “you know I’m kidding, right?” So I started laughing even harder. If you don’t have the privilege (ha!) of knowing me in real life, you’ve never heard my laugh. I have been told it’s “infectious,” which I think either means it’s really obnoxious, really funny, or I sound like I’m seven. Either way, it amused smoothie man, and he upgraded me. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I didn’t want all that. Nor did I have the heart to not have it all…

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