the best part about our run last night [besides the view]?  my left hip flexor, which had been giving me issues beginning with our run in central park up until the half marathon, did not bother me at all – even with running over and back across the bridge [and i think the uphills on the williamsburg are tougher than the manhattan or the brooklyn].  we kept up a pretty good pace through all of it as well.

now if we can average a 9 min/mile on saturday – hoping the hills in prospect park aren’t too bad.

That is what this stretch is for:

I had been having some strange pain/soreness/tenderness in my lower abdomen. I asked the gyno, and he didn’t think it was anything lady-part related (WHEW!) I asked my regular doctor, he wasn’t concerned either.

I asked my wonderful trainer, and he said it was the hip flexor, and showed me a diagram (I think, I could be making that up…) of where all the muscles come together there and why it was sore. I did this stretch, and sure enough, pain/soreness/tenderness, ALL GONE!

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