DAY 78.1


See, I like whole grains way too much. And while I’ve cut back on my starchy carb intake, I still enjoy a good piece of whole wheat bread with my salad or soup, stone ground wheat crackers with my cheese and apple snacks, brown basmati rice with my steamed veggies, and steel cut oatmeal or whole grain cereals for breakfast (God, I love Kashi GoLean Crunch). The problem is that all these carbs carry a significant amount of calories with them, which in the early part of the day I don’t worry about so much. It’s when I get to my last meal of the night, with only 196 calories left, that I have to cut them out of my diet completely. But that’s a good thing. And I’ll tell you why…

It’s called tapering off your meals. Breakfast should be your biggest meal and have the largest portion of starchy carbs in it. This will help you get some fast, sustaining energy, as well as allow your body to burn off all those carbs throughout the first half of the day.

As the day continues and your meals become smaller, your last meal becomes your smallest and lightest in the carb category. The purpose for this is to not allow any rogue carbs to go unused before hitting the sack, where they will most definitely turn to fat overnight.

True dat.

To cutting rogue carbs…

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