Marathon Motivation

Link: Marathon Motivation

I just clicked through all of my friend Tiffany’s Chicago Marathon photos on Facebook. (You can see some of them on her blog in the above link.)

She had given me a little guilt trip a few days ago about not running my half-marathon on Sunday. I chalked it up to “oh, she’s a crazy marathoner now!” but I looked at her photos, and I regret a bit not running yesterday. I’m also a bit sad now that the Ten-Miler is over and I’m not training for something — I’m finding it hard to motivate to run. (Actually, I forgot I’m doing the Nike Human Race this weekend, but I meant a big race.)

But. I am trying hard to live in the present/future and not regret things — I can’t change the past.

So, I am thinking now about a half-marathon and a marathon in the next year. Some people have suggested the PF Chang’s Rock and Roll Half in Arizona in January or the Disney Half in January. Any other great races I should consider for my first half marathon and full marathon?

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