My mom wants you to know… (a guest post, by her)

My daughter was not always 189 pounds, and I have pictures to prove it! She was a beautiful bouncing, smiley, energetic baby girl. Throughout childhood and adolescence, she was very active playing sports — tennis, swimming, skiing, gymnastics — and thin. (Not thin! But not fat either.-TB) 

Then she decided to go to Washington, D.C. to attend American University. And that’s how it all began. Those late-night runs from the dorm to find pizza, Thai food, Chinese, Mexican and anything else that she could wash down with beer. (I was in college!!!!!!!-TB)

Last year, she decided to leave Washington, D.C. and come back and work and live in NYC, her dream. I’m proud of my daughter and how she turned her life around.

But of course coming home for Mom’s good home cooking and a little spaghetti and lasagna with red sauce never hurt anybody. (I now make her buy whole wheat pasta.-TB)

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