Tonight’s dinner…

…was a victim of restoring my iPhone to its previous settings*. (Or rather, the photo of it. My iPhone did not eat my dinner, thankfully. There’s not an app for that.)

But it was a turkey burger, made with salsa and egg. It was kind of crumbly. Maybe I should have used breadcrumbs?

*For those following my missing music/photo saga at home: the drive has basically been declared DOA unless I want to spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars (weirdly, I don’t…), but Apple let me download my iTunes again. 900 songs. I don’t know whether to be excited or angry at myself for buying that many…although this is over the course of four years and includes some free ones, some bought with gift cards, and every Kelly Clarkson album I paid good money for!

**This blog to return to its regularly scheduled non-whiny content.

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