50 Ways to Cut Your Health-Care Costs

Link: 50 Ways to Cut Your Health-Care Costs

My company is switching to a different health insurance company, and I was searching to see if there were any kind of incentives for being uber-healthy. I googled the name of the insurance company and gym discounts, and I found this story about ways you can cut health-care costs. Some are “duh,” some are actually pretty good ideas. At the end, there’s this example of a guy that lost weight and is saving $30 a month on Lipitor. And that’s the tangible amount he’s saving. He’s obviously saving way, way more than that through ways you can’t even begin to put a price on. [DAD!!! YOU CAN DO IT TOO! LESS MONEY ON LIPITOR=MORE MONEY FOR GOLF.]

SUPER SAVER GLEN FURUMIZO EWA BEACH, HAWAII STRATEGY He’s lost 30 pounds, and he swims or cycles almost every day. SAVINGS $30 a month in prescriptions, plus a lifetime of lower health-care costs When Glen Furumizo decided to get serious about losing weight four years ago, he was 30 pounds overweight and taking the drug Lipitor every day to control high cholesterol. Furumizo, 45, a technician at an oil refinery, started a low-carb diet, which helped him shed the extra pounds in three months, and has kept the weight off by swimming and biking several times a week. With his cholesterol now at normal levels, he no longer needs Lipitor, saving him $30 a month on prescription co-pays. Even better, “losing weight has lowered my chances of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure,” he says. “I don’t know how much that will save me, but it’s a lot.”

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