Calling all New York road runners!

I definitely need to look at my schedule and figure out which of these races to sign up for.

Also, for New Jerseyans and New Yorkers that love their Real Housewives of NJ (my hometown=their town. Yeah, I know.), my hometown is having a 5K on Dec. 5 that I plan on running.


Holiday season is upon us in all its caloric glory, and I honestly cannot think of a better way to maintain my girlish figure (despite eating my weight in mashed potatoes, egg nog, Ferrer Rocher, and eggs Benedict) than by running my heart out. If you live in the New York area and feel like working for your tee shirts (and your medals and your bibs and your great ass), sign up for one of these little fun runs:

If you find yourself beach-bound this season, hit these East End running events:

Are you a runner? Are you also kind of lazy? Let me know where you live, and I will find races in your area so you don’t have to waste precious time trolling admittedly outdated and confusing running club websites for calendars and maps. That’s my Christmas gift to you!

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