Feeling a bit like a blimp today?

You’re not alone. Most people don’t usually indulge themselves quite like they did yesterday (or I hope not!) so our bodies are reeling from all the extra salt, sugar and crap we put into them.

How do you get yourself back on track and keep your pants from busting right now? (No, the answer isn’t wearing sweatpants. Or, well, you can if you really want.)

I actually have a piece on this very subject coming out after the holidays in [redacted publication*], so I’m not going to steal too much of my own thunder, or [redacted publication]’s thunder. But here’s a few tips to help you feel a bit better today.

  • Water, water, water! All of the carb-y, sugary and salty stuff you ate yesterday makes you retain water like whoa. So…don’t! Drink lots of water and flush it out.
  • Protein. It will fill you up way better than the other crap.
  • Get moving. Exercise will burn more calories (duh!) and flush out some of the excess that your body’s holding onto from yesterday.

*It’s a good one!

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