"i am he as you are he as you are me and WE ARE ALL TOGETHER"


In the last few weeks I’ve noticed a lot of other weight-loss blogs popping up!! Eeek this makes me so happy! Yay us!!

I thought I’d share some of the soon-to-be-total-hottie’s links with you, so we can help support each other, and gain inspiration and encouragement from reading other’s words…

In no order:

Ps Old Favourites

I know there’re a lot more out there, so please add yourself below if I missed your blog and I’ll add you to the list (sorry! I only went off the tag lines and added folks who’ve made a post recently…), or somebody’s blog you love, or if you’re trying to eat healthy, lose weight, maintain your weight, gain weight, love food, hate food, love to run, are starting to run, or simply want to be a better you, because isn’t that the ultimate goal?


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