Thanks to RZ’s newsletter today, I just made my own custom granola for less than $15! (I’ve heard about this before and always wanted to try it, today I finally did it.)

I got: low-fat granola base w/ almonds, dried blueberries and cranberries and bananas (as a tribute to RZ), chocolate-covered raisins, and pecans (“PE-cans,” because I’m from the South, not “pah-cahns”). – 20% off today with code RACHELZOE! 🙂

Saw the recommendation in this morning’s newsletter and wanted some now—immediate gratification much?

Make sure you post on how you like it. If we bought everything from Ms. Zoe’s list we’d be pretty happy but our wallets would be pretty sad. This sounds super delicious, nomnomnom:)

Must try!

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