Tumblr Secret Santa – Click Here to Sign Up!!

Link: Tumblr Secret Santa – Click Here to Sign Up!!



You want to be part of the awesomest Secret Santa exchange on tumblr?

It’s easy! To participate, simply click on the link above to RSVP. After you do that, take one minute to set up a free account, which will let you put up a wishlist/idea list for your Secret Santa, enter your address in a secured location that ONLY your Secret Santa will be able to see, and be able to ask anonymous questions to one another to find out the best gift ideas!

YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN ELFSTER ACCOUNT IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A GIFT MAILED TO YOU – don’t worry, it’s free, super super easy, and safe!

Be sure to put your Tumblr name on your account! Last year, the simplest solution for that was to enter your name as “Firstname Lastname (TumblrUsername)” so it’s easy for your secret santa to find.

Names will be drawn on December 5 (next Saturday). You have to be registered by then if you want to participate! This will give you time to think of your awesome gift, make your awesome gift, and mail your awesome gift! Since there was a bit of confusion with deadlines last year, this year let’s keep it simple – please get your package in the mail by December 25. If you don’t think you’ll be able to get something together and get it in the mail by then, please don’t participate — last year some people ended up not getting presents b/c their secret santas dropped the ball, and I don’t want that to happen again!!

Alright? Alright!


I love both giving and receiving presents…so I am totally in!

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