Like for the diet part, when I was a raw vegan for 2 months, I almost had to start walking and running more just to get rid of all of this excess energy I suddenly had. Now that I’m eating much “heavier” things, I seldom feel like going for a walk just for the heck of it and I’m basically only able to bike regularly because I do it before I’ve eaten any of these foods that my system doesn’t really like (so obviously I need to be taking my own advice here!).

This is SO TRUE. It really does all work hand in hand. For the last few weeks, I’ve definitely been eating heavier (sweeter, saltier, etc.) foods and I definitely haven’t been wanting to exercise as much as when I was eating all healthy food all the time. When you’re not eating right, you don’t want to exercise. When you don’t exercise, you don’t get that “I just exercised, so I’m going to eat right!” feeling.

I’m at my parents’ and trying to think of a healthy lunch. I yelled at my dad this morning for not exercising despite having a multitude of exercise machines here (NordicTrack, treadmill, etc.), so I’m going to take my own advice and hop on that NordicTrack later. It’s good cross-training anyway.

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