Christmas Baking

Link: Christmas Baking

Regular readers know that I am certainly not one of those girls that just loves baking and puttering around the kitchen. No slam to them at all, in fact, I’m a bit jealous, but I’m just usually too impatient to hang around my kitchen!

So when Laurel invited me to a cookie swap today (and forbade me from discussing calories at said cookie swap…done!), I naturally e-mailed Meg, who IS one of those girls that loves her kitchen. She is absolutely a baker extraordinaire – and she’s also the one responsible for passing along the guacamole salad recipe. Meg knows my kitchen limitations, and she suggested the above-linked recipe to blondies.

The blondies are currently in my oven, but the preparation was ridiculously easy for me. I followed the recipe (except for substituting light butter…) and added half a cup of chocolate chips and half a cup of raspberries. I think they’re gonna be good, so long as my weird convection oven* doesn’t have other plans.

*If you also have a weird convection oven, try reducing the heat by 25 degrees less than the recipe calls for and/or the baking time by 10 percent.

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