What a feeling! My first race couldn’t have gone any better than it did. I completely demolished my goals, knocking out an 8.5min/mile average and shaving 1.5min off my predicted total time! I had a personal cheering section of friends around mile 1.75 with home-made signs that made me laugh and helped push me to go a bit faster after seeing them. Thanks guys!

My garmin watch was a little off with time/distance compared to the official results, but not by much. I know that I would have had no idea how fast I was running & probably wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard without it. I am still beaming about my finish and can’t wait for my next race!

Distance: 4.0 miles, 6.4 Kilometers

Finish Time: 34:29

Pace/Mile: 8:37

Overall Place: 1400 / 3759

Gender Place: 977  / 1727

Age Place: 176 / 885

Isn’t it an awesome feeling?

I think we should start a Tumblr running club.

Go Isaac! That is a kick-ass first race.

Meghan, I am totally in for a Tumblr running club. Who’s doing the 15K in Central Park this weekend?

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