Food for thought, I just got this lululemon email asking what goals do you have for 2010! I will……

Must find that water bottle!!!

Why yes, Lululemon will be one of the raffles at tonight’s happy hour! We are also raffling off Sephora and Godiva gift cards, as well as a chance to win three training sessions with Joel, the dude who helped me get where I am today!

And yes, you can still buy tickets. Or pay $20 at the door. For those raffles. A chocolate fountain. (Dark chocolate, obviously.) Candy cane, 2-for-1 cocktails. 10% off food. Baked by Melissa cupcakes.


Like you’re really doing anything cooler tonight? Yeah, I thought not. And it’s for a good cause.

And I bought a cute dress. That I will not blog pictures of. You can only see it if you come.

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