Exercise, how I’ve missed thee!


I’ve barely been exercising this month and I think it’s caught up with me. Me = definition of depressed.

Ran it out tonight, 40 minutes treadmill style. Solid work out.

0:00 – 10:00 – Warm-up mile at 6.0

10:01 – 20:00 – Incline sprints (at the suggestion of Theodora’s trainer) – Incline at 7.0; speed at 6.0. Run for 20 seconds. Rest for 10. Yeah, sounds easier than it is.

20:01 – 30:00 – Nice solid run at 6.5

30:01 – 35:00 – Progressive sprints (I made this up) – 1 minute at 6.6, 1 minute at 6.7, all the way up to 7.0. Looking to build on this idea.

35:01 – 40:00 – Cool down jog. Probably should have done this longer, but whatevs. Next time.

I’m baaaack, bitches!

OMG, agreed. I definitely have been a stranger to the gym this month (what’s that of a half-marathon? yeah, I am going to be balls-out from now until Jan. 9), and it’s definitely caught up with my psyche. No more, though.

Joel and I talked this morning about “relapsing.” Yes, he used that word. It’s true, though. And it just restarts the whole vicious cycle. Even in my not uber-uber-healthy December, I’ve still been eating well. And I don’t keep any of that stuff around my apartment, so it’s only at special occasions. And I won’t be in an office for awhile. No relapse for this chickie.

A long way of saying? Sounds like an awesome workout. I know the point of that is more time/cardio than miles, but just out of curiosity, how many miles is that?

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