So, my 15K kinda sucked. I’ve had on-and-off lower back pain the entire time I’ve been running, and it definitely came back again after Saturday’s run, along with my entire right leg being wicked tight no matter how much I stretch. Joel and I talked about it today and these two things are due to a combination of factors: stress, a medicine I’d been taking, a lack of proper training before the race.

As such, my workout with Joel today was ridiculously hard. Here’s the “homework” he gave me:

-No cross-training this week.

-To half my runs. (3.5 instead of 7; 4.5 instead of 9)

-30-second planks before running

-Dynamic stretching (will try to post photo or video of this soon)

-Touching my right toe with my left hand and vice versa while squatting (will post photo or video of this also, I think it’s a little more difficult than it sounds. Or maybe not.)

Your body holds so much stress. I’m trying really hard to let go of mine.

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