Good Morning My Pretties!


This morning started off with me reading my twitter feed in bed.  It was a bit blurry, but my eyes lit up when I read my lovie Theodora has an article in Glamour! Gahh!!!! The amount of excitement I have is indescribable.  Well ACTUALLY it can be described as a little kid on Christmas receiving their #1 asked for present.  Like to the point where you want to pee your pants, you are so excited!

Who knew that after all of those times riding around in her Jeepy, eating Wendy’s to our hearts content and painting stages for our high school drama club would result in her articles in Glamour and me working at Sony.  Ha who am I kidding?! I knew there was greatness there all along.  Theo has officially lost around 47 lbs and I am on my way with 15.5 lbs lost (during the holiday season may I add!)  If you aren’t following her already on Twitter and Facebook you need to do so ASAP…well what are you waiting for! GO!

Losing Weight In The City

This is just the beginning…there is so much more to come for you!!

I read this earlier today and definitely teared up a bit. I love Steph, and I’m so proud of all she’s accomplished both personally and professionally!

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