If all else fails…


If all else fails (as in the corner store doesn’t support your fat free popcorn obsession), cook up some egg whites with fat free cheese.  Well at least that is what I just did.  It was a little on the later side but I would rather not be hungry then go to bed with a grumbly tummy.

Anywho right before I went onto my corner store adventure, my roomie asked me if I wanted to go out for a couple of drinks.  No can do lady jane, this girl has an agenda for this week.  It entails saving every weekly point I have (minus my wednesday egg white veggie flatbread) to eat a delicious dessert and some champagne at Christmas Eve dinner.  A couple of beers (totally to be around 6 pts) is not worth that sort of damage.  I understand that people that aren’t trying to lose weight don’t understand my decisions.  In the end, it doesn’t matter to me too much if they understand.  I am doing this for me and absolutely no one else.  If one may think I am lame because I didn’t drink beer tonight then OH WELL.  You can give me a crown that says Biggest Loser of NJ. =)

Keep up the fantastical work kiddies!  Give in to some of your urges and enjoy the holidays, just make the right decisions that won’t leave you feeling super guilty after. XoXo

OH and losingweightinthecity aka Theodorable aka HOT STUFF and I will be reuniting in our good ole hometown.  We actually went to high school with each other.  She was my main inspiration for my weight loss and I am more and more proud of her everyday!

Aw 🙂 I loved Steph way back when (when I used to drive us around and we’d eat Wendy’s…my, how times have changed!) and I am so super-proud of her now, too!! She’s pretty awesome. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that!

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