My next new favorite website is SuperCook. It’s a recipe search site that has you enter the ingredients you already have in the kitchen (in my case, that would be cheese and chocolate) and gives you ideas from its database of 300,000-plus recipes. Forget about letting that food go bad because you don’t know what to cook. I dare you to visit SuperCook and test it out for yourself. You’ll love how painless it is to plan a meal using the SuperCook search engine.


And I’m not easily wowed. I was thinking about Pump for dinner, but I put in “sweet potato,” “salmon,” “chicken,” “spinach,” “feta,” and “marinara sauce.” It spat back out a bunch of suggestions at me, and told me what I would need for some other recipes. Some of the ingredients, I already had, so I put those in, and it spat out even more ingredients at me. This Web site may change my life.

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