Q: How do people run in pants and long-sleeved shirts, AND some of them in hats as well, when it’s 65Ëš out?




A: I don’t know. I ran 4 miles this morning along the East River in shorts and a tank top and was pretty well soaked (with sweat) by the end of it.

Decided I’m running the Fred Lebow Classic 5-miler. Who’s with me?! Nothing like racing on a chilly Saturday morning at 8 a.m., right? Um, yeah.

I ran in pants and long sleeves for the NYC half this year. I hate the sun 🙂

I also ran 4 miles this morning, around 8am in Prospect Park. I wore shorts and a Tshirt and was sweating my ass off.

I’m totally with you on the Fred Lebow Classic. I already signed up for it!

A. Some people wake up cold. [Though the hat is too much!]

A2. Some people don’t watch the weather.

A3. Not everyone is as hot as Laurel!

I would do the Fred Lebow, if I weren’t, you know, running a half marathon that day!

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