in high school, i wanted to be a writer.

i wrote and i wrote

and most of what i produced makes me laugh now

just as my dad assured me it would.

((that infuriated me)).

in college, i wanted to get my Ph.D.


and then i reverted to the idea that i was born to be a writer.

and i realized i don’t have the stomach for all of the uncertainty of being a writer

and where the next job is

and maybe having to live in topeka or somesuch until my big break.

and after i really thought about that, i wanted to be a lawyer.

one of the girls i lived with my semester in london wrote me a note when we moved out.

she said ‘i know you think you want to be a lawyer, but i think really you’re going to be a celebrity news reporter for people magazine.’

perhaps i fought my destiny, because i went to law school.

in law school, i wanted to be OUT OF LAW SCHOOL.

and here i am.

there are days when i’m not sure i’m in the right profession.

and also

there are days when i’m absolutely sure that i am.

that said, i’m not sure i yet know

what i want to be

when i grow up.

This is really well-written 🙂 I think being a writer could still be the right profession for you!

I may not know for sure *exactly* what I want to do with the rest of my life, but it sure as hell involves writing. There has never been a doubt in my mind about that.

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