2009: a recap

A little late on this one, but I was enjoying my weekend, not documenting it!

January: The bit of flying paranoia I had in 2008 reaches an all-time high when the plane lands in the Hudson. I fly to San Diego the day after that to watch one of my favorite people get married in an incredibly beautiful wedding. I buy a vintage gently used pair of Citizens for Humanity jeans in a size 32. They can close but it doesn’t look pretty. I vow to make them fit by my birthday. At the end of the month, Eileen and I go to Boston to see our respective college roommates. $29 fares each way FTW. I lose my job.

February: I celebrate my 26th birthday with both family and friends. I fit into said jeans. I fall down the stairs and bruise my tailbone. I do the single-girl eat and drink too much Valentine’s Day weekend and resolve to lose weight. I tell everyone I know this time is for reals. (I don’t think anyone believed it.) I started working out with Joel. I get rehired by my company, at a different magazine.

March: I start this blog. (Yay!) I live in the gym. I go back down to DC, having lost 10 pounds. I get my first dosage of people telling me they can tell. (It’s pretty awesome.)

April: I discover Pump. My wallet and blog will never be the same. I still live in the gym.

May: Lindsay visits for the last time before she moves to Hawaii. I go to the Outer Banks with friends. This is really my first extended time away from home since starting to eat healthy. I do some running on the beach and go back to the house for beer. I learn balance 🙂 I wear a bikini despite probably not really being ready to. (Sorry friends!)

June: I run my first race since starting to run for serious. I go to MaryBeth’s shower. I get my dress for her wedding. (It practically falls off.) I go to Dewey for her bachelorette. I wear a bikini again. With skinny girls. I feel confident! I go to LA for work. I run in LA! (And don’t get lost! MAJOR accomplishment.)

July: I move into my new apartment, which I adore. I take up residency in the gym to prepare for Aruba.

August: ARUBA. I take a week off and play in the sun and watch my best friend get married. It’s amazing. I come back to reality… I donate blood. (It’s not scary in the least.) I have dinner with a former contestant on the Bachelorette. (He’s so hot.) Meg visits, we go to a Yankees – Red Sox game. Cassie visits at the end of the month.

September: I go to the beach on Labor Day with Lacey and Laurel. I train for the Army Ten-Miler with Jen.

October: I RUN THE ARMY TEN-MILER! I have a housewarming party. I meet Tumblr people, including the fabulous E and Meghan. I run the Nike+ Human Race 10K, getting the first race time I’m proud of.

November: I watch Laurel run a Boston-marathon-qualifying time in the NYC Marathon. I go to Monterey with my mom for a much-needed long weekend. I freak out about driving to Big Sur; we turn around. I go to Philly for the afternoon to see my cousin, Baltimore for the night to get my hair done. I meet Kendyl; she’s awesome! I run on Thanksgiving morning.

December: I run a ridiculously-fast (for me) 5K in my hometown. I struggle with balancing my healthy goals with having fun. I eat my weight in cookies. I raise enough money for charity for my half-marathon! Meg and Cassie come up for a fabulous weekend. I run a 15K in a time I am disappointed in, but I do my first long race in the cold. I learn valuable lessons about adequate preparation. I leave my job. I get incredibly awesome freelance offer. I have a beautiful Christmas with my family. I get the Burberry coat I always wanted and can now fit into. I fit into size 28 Citizens for Humanity jeans. I have my first article published on Glamour.com.

2009 was obviously mostly about achieving health-related goals for me, and I learned a lot about taking care of my body and mind last year. Towards the end of the year, I started making some career advances. I strengthened bonds with my friends in other cities and am developing deeper friendships with my NYC friends. I think I set the foundation for a fabulous 2010.

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