First Run In NYC! – 1.28.10


I hope a lot of you who have shown interest can make it out to the first run. Shall we turn this into a Tumblr runners meetup? Feel free to reblog and invite others! 🙂


Hi everyone!

Here it is! The date for our inaugural Internet Runners Social Club gathering – Thursday, January 28th – 6:30pm – @ Columbus Circle (4sq checkin).

Some small details:

We’ll meet at 6:30p, and probably take off running by 6:40p. As mentioned before, it will be a slow and steady social run (walking, jogging, running all welcome) starting from Columbus Circle, running into the park, 15 minutes out, 15 back. We’ll then stretch, and head to a bar/venue (TBD) afterwards so everyone can get to know one another. We won’t do that after every run, but hopefully every month or two.

As for bags and gear. If there’s anyone who has an office near there that would be able to donate a space to drop our bags it would be much appreciated. OR second scenario would be someone to volunteer to do bag watch. I know that’s asking a lot, so for now, hopefully y’all can come with what you need in your pockets.

If you have any questions (I’m sure I’m overlooking some important details), don’t hesitate to ask: OR on twitter @IRSocialClub


P.S. This is open to everyone. If you discovered this via the Internet, consider yourself ONE OF US 🙂

If you would like to receive meetup notices via email, you can sign up here.


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