I’m terrified of gaining it back.

Tonight, I had a quick meeting regarding some freelance work and then I grabbed drinks with a friend. She was having a crappy day and got steak frites, while I just had two glasses of wine, choosing to save my money and calories for dinner at home.

“You’re so good,” she said. [Same person.]

A big part of me really feels better eating stuff that’s better for me. (And I need to save money, what with my now slightly-irregular cash flow.)

But part of me? Is so terrified of erasing all of my hard work over the past year. Now, I know I won’t do that all in one night. But that steak leads to that pizza the next day which leads to pasta the day after. Well, it used to.

And I’m afraid of going down that road again.

And size 28 skinny jeans and the feeling I get after a long run? No piece of pizza is worth that. Most of the time the whole grains-protein-fruits-and-veggies/rinse/repeat is just fine with me.

Today is not one of those days. I had half a pastry while having coffee this afternoon and the two glasses of wine tonight, and the veggies and chicken pattie just aren’t cutting it tonight. But that’s okay…

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