The Harrison Restaurant Review

Last night, I went to The Harrison for dinner with my friends, and I think my stomach died and went to heaven. We started with trout fingerlings, which are itty-bitty trout all fried up. One of the specials was duck with sweet potato and broccoli, and I cannot say no to duck when it is on the menu…so I didn’t! It was pretty amazing. I also picked on some of the duckfat fries and orzo we had for the table, as well as some of our yummy chocolate dessert. I knew all week that I was headed to The Harrison and I had planned on the caloric splurge…on the food.

In the interest of staying honest, I also drank:

  • a champagne cocktail
  • two glasses of wine with dinner
  • some more champagne after dinner
  • a vodka gimlet
  • and two vodka sodas

I’m glad I don’t count calories, but I know that’s a lot of extra ones. I’m going to get a breakfast sandwich, buy ingredients for tonight and get to the gym once my head stops pounding.

*Crappy picture brought to you by trying to take the picture as quickly as possible so as not to be “that” girl.

*Although, really, the girl that was around my age that was dining with the man twice her age that did not look to be her father? I think she was that girl.

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