Packing List for Half-Marathon

Tomorrow, I return to NJ so that I can fly out of Newark Thursday morning with my parents to Disney World for my half-marathon.

Here’s what I’m taking (running-related), and here are some things you might want to remember if you’re traveling out of town for a race.

  • Sneakers (most important, obviously)
  • Running pants
  • Shorts (just in case it miraculously warms up)
  • Singlet (I’m actually going to buy a Disney shirt there to wear, and I have letters to iron my name on the back!)
  • Sweatshirt (to wear before the start)
  • Socks
  • Sports bra
  • Big comfy sweats for relaxing in back at the room after the race
  • Running watch
  • iPod/iPhone
  • Running belt
  • Inhaler (I usually carry this at long races just in case, despite the fact my asthma hasn’t bothered me since I dropped the extra weight that was straining my lungs!)
  • Gels/energy jelly beans
  • Advil (Lindsay suggested taking one before I start the race and two halfway through)
  • A small bag for any stuff I want to stow at the start line
  • Luna bars
  • A camera!

If you’re checking a bag, don’t forget to keep your sneaks with you. Losing your sneaks before a race…well, that would just be bad.

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