Smacking those idiots

So my friend e-mailed me this, re:this:

I’m not sure why you would say that. Do you own a pair? Did they not work
for you? Would you slap someone if they walked up to you and said,
“Hey, I just bought these cool new shoes and now I walk about an extra
mile every day just to give these shoes a whirl!” I mean what is so
wrong with them? Wasn’t it you who said something about all goals, even
small ones being important? While these shoes aren’t a “goal” per
se…they could be the small step (excuse the pun) some woman takes to
become more active. Maybe they aren’t great for someone who runs all
the time, like yourself, but for a completely inactive (read: not gym
rat) maybe they’re the start they need to get motivated and get off the
couch. You may hold more influence over your readers than you realize.

What I meant by “I want to smack those idiots” is this:

Losing weight and getting healthy isn’t easy. It takes more work than “toning” sneakers. It can take an insane amount of willpower to eat veggies (or not get anything at all) while your friends are eating fried food at a bar. It takes dedication to drag yourself go to the gym everyday and sweat it out.

And I’m not a gym rat!

2 comments on “Smacking those idiots

  1. Shar

    I totally agree with you. It isn’t easy and if I could have a magic pill, or shoe, you better believe I would take it. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done!!!

    1. Theodora Post author

      Ironically enough, I got a pair of toning shoes this weekend that I will be reviewing 🙂 Random q–can I ask how you found this post? It’s a really old one…just curious!


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