Spring Shape-Up Challenge!

So – the challenge has been underway for just about a week now, and I finally got around to tallying up your totals! There are 52 of you, with goals ranging from running one mile to running a full marathon; those of you moving to DC, California, those of you finishing up school (undergrad, grad school, med school!).

It’s 1am as I write this, and I need to get back on track with my own going to bed early, so without further adieu, here are the totals!

You want to lose 626.4 pounds by the end of the challenge (if you originally specified May or June, I also included that, so the actual total is probably something more like 600 pounds. 600 pounds!)

You want to run races totaling 256.6 miles by the end of the challenge! Clearly, this means between all of us that are running, we’ll have run a few thousand miles by the time we’re done training!

And you wanted to lose 41.5 pounds this week.

Let me know by 12am tonight (January 27) PST how you did! (E-mail losingweightinthecity at gmail dot com.) Keep in mind that only those that check in every week will be eligible for the grand prize at the end. (But please try to stay on track even if you do miss a week — the real prize is your health. Cheesy, I know.)

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