Spring Shape-Up Challenge!: Me and You

Y’all wanna hear about yourselves first, not me.


You all drank an insane amount of water; I feel for toilets everywhere.

Some of you met your goals, some of you didn’t! It seems most of you that didn’t know where you fell short and how you can improve. If you don’t, please feel free to ask me or e-mail me.


I let you all know how I did on my first week’s goals but not what my goals are for next week.

Weight Loss: My goal, by next Weigh-In Wednesday, is for my weight to have stabilized. I will do this by less alcohol this weekend, following my own advice. I hope to be two pounds down from where I was yesterday, which puts me one little pound above my goal weight. I actually want to lose a few more pounds after there just to tone up a bit, but I consider those bonus pounds, since they weren’t part of my original goal of 50.

Fitness: I think I’ve had enough of a rest from my first half to start training for my second. (Which finishes approximately half a mile away from my apartment. Lower Manhattan FTW! For once!) So, I plan to get in a long run tomorrow and a recovery run on Tuesday. I’ll do regular cardio Monday, and I’m taking a rest day today.

Nutrition: To continue to eat as cleanly as possible and to limit my alcohol intake. (That was kind of a fail last night but I’ll work on it tonight and for the rest of the week.)

Healthy Thinking: To remember that I’ve come a long way (baby) and to be proud of the progress I’ve made and not focus on the remaining imperfections on my body.

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