Spring Shape-Up: Let’s Kick Things Up a Notch!

Other than this whole half-marathon business, I’ve been slacking off a little. I’ve been getting bored with the healthy eating and gym, perhaps because I don’t have a real hard and fast goal.

So here it is. My goal weight by my birthday, February 11. 24 days.

My next goal (of my second half-marathon, do you like how I casually dropped that in there?) just happens to be March 21, the first second day of spring. Let’s get looking sexy by spring, instead of putting it off until summer!

Let’s do this together! E-mail me at losingweightinthecity@gmail.com with your goals by midnight Wednesday to join in. Send me your overall goals and mini-goals for the week. (Breaking goals up into smaller ones makes the bigger ones easier to achieve!) Be as specific as possible; measurable goals help to keep you on track.

They can be fitness, nutrition, healthy thinking or weight-loss goals, all four, or any combination. (All information will be kept confidential, obvi. I will occassionally shout out to those of you who are really rocking things [by first name only], so if you don’t want me to do that, or you want me to use a different name, let me know that, too.)

I know a lot of you already do Weigh In Wednesdays, so Wednesday will be our check-in day from now until the end of the challenge. You will have until midnight of that Wednesday to check in with me.

What’s in this for you?

A hot, sexy body, motivation from competition and a fabulous prize that I will announce next week. Since we’re all starting at different places, and I don’t want to encourage anyone to starve themselves, I will choose the winner as a random drawing from everyone who makes the weekly check-in. If you miss a check-in, please keep up the challenge! It’s not about the material prize; the prize is your hot, sexy body!

I’ll share the tips that are working for you, along with some of my tips and tips from experts. If you’d like to write a guest post about your journey, you can e-mail me (losingweightinthecity@gmail.com or submit here.)

What are my goals?

Fitness: to run a half-marathon under 2:20 by the end of this challenge; to re-embrace the gym (running a lot outside makes it REALLY hard to go back inside to machines that don’t go anywhere)

Nutrition: to stay mindful of what I’m eating and resist temptations.

Weight Loss: to lose those remaining eight pounds (I had gotten as close as 3 pounds but various fluctuations have thrown it back up to eight).

Healthy thinking: to accept myself for who I am and be happy for all the progress I’ve made in the past year; acknowledge that I am a work in progress.

My Goals for This Week

Fitness: stick to the cardio schedule Joel gave me: 2 days of spin class, 2 days of StairMaster, 1 day of the AMT elliptical and 1 day of rowing/Cybex.

Nutrition: Eat as cleanly as possible (and make as many meals as possible.) I have a friend coming into town this weekend, so I need to really step up my game and not use that as an excuse to put crap in my body.

Weight Loss: I know some of the extra weight I’m carrying right now is extra water weight from the race, so I think I can handle losing 2 pounds this week. (Technically, nine days!)

Healthy thinking: To not have a defeatist attitude towards my career challenges.

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