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I’ve run twice since my half-marathon. When I decided I’d two two half-marathons pretty close to each other, I looked up back-to-back half marathon training. All I found was Mr. Higdon’s back-to-back marathon training, and I’m not quite at the point where I feel comfortable modifying a training plan very much. (I’ve heard that you can just halve a marathon training plan for a half, but I was a little suspicious.)

So I gave my body a few weeks rest, and I’m hitting the pavement again. I was feeling really sick this morning, and my brain just wasn’t working. You know the days. You’re rewriting the same sentence over and over and over. After a few hours of my brain not working and some thinking about how I’d make up missing my run yesterday, I decided to just go out and do it. I’d not have to worry any more about how to make it up, and hopefully my brain would start working again when I got back and my nose would clear up. I’m happy to report all of the above happened!

Below are my splits:

6 miles: 1:02:57, average pace, 10:30

Mile 1: 10:59

Mile 2:10:00

Mile 3: 9:59

Mile 4: 10:42

Mile 5:10:40

Mile 6: 10:28

The training plan I’m following says my long runs are actually supposed to be slower than that, so I need to work on slowing down, apparently?

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