Gym Update

Like I said, yesterday was my last session with Joel. It’s the first time I’ve been “on my own” since starting this weight loss journey, which makes me a little nervous. I know I’ve come wayyy too far to abandon my healthy habits, but it’s still scary. (But I spent quite a lot on going to him last year, although NYSC’s “The More You Train, The More You Save?” True, actually.)

I’m going to keep myself very very accountable here so I don’t slip.

Which means I’m going to tell you after my haircut I had three Baked by Melissa cupcakes.

Before you’re all “SHE LOST 50 POUNDS AND IS NOW EATING THREE CUPCAKES? MMM HMM…SHE’S GOING TO KEEP IT OFF…”, they are each about the size of a quarter.

I linked to the Web site because that’s the responsible blogging thing to do, but seriously, if you’re trying to lose weight, I would avoid that link. I’ll also tell you that I had two squares of Ghiardelli dark chocolate (I usually have some kind of little snack/dessert like that before bed — and I try to make it dark chocolate.)

I’ll also tell you I didn’t make it to the gym today. My last workout with Joel was another one of those compound circuit training/bootcamp-style/OMG-I’m-sore workouts, and I’m basically sore from my shoulders down to my toes. Would some cardio have loosened that up today? Probably. Did I have make time? Um, no…

Weekend Workout Plan:

Since I didn’t go out tonight, I want to run my six miles tomorrow. If it doesn’t snow. If it does snow, I will go to the gym and take a spin class and run Sunday. A yoga class for these tight muscles would be nice, too, this weekend.

What’s your weekend workout plan?

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