It’s My Birthday (Week), But You Get the Presents!

(Adorable photo via Flickr)

My 27th birthday (ah!) is Thursday, but that doesn’t mean I get to have all of the fun!

All of my wonderful readers are part of what made my 26th year on this earth such a fabulous one. (Losing 50 pounds didn’t hurt, either!)

I contacted a few of my favorite brands a few weeks ago to see if they’d be interested in sponsoring some giveaways on my blog, and I have some great stuff for you!

  • A Susan G. Komen Ribbon Spi Belt: I love these Spi Belts. I first picked one up a few months ago and was incredulous such a small belt could hold so much! I can fit: my iPhone, keys, gels, IDs and some tissues. And this one is so pretty and shows your support for a great cause. I really wanted to keep it for myself, but I’m passing it on to you!
  • A box of 12 Clif bars.

How can you enter? A few ways!

Tumblr users:

  • just reblog this post!
  • recommend me in the directory and drop me an e-mail at theodora at theodorablanchfield dot com, letting me know you’ve done so.

Bloggers Not on Tumblr:

  • Link to this post and send me an e-mail letting me know you’ve done so.

Silly People Without Blogs:

  • Comment here!

I’ll randomly pick two winners with a random number generator. Contest closes February 11, 2009 at 6:15pm.

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