Mozzarella en carrozza

Citrus-glazed scallops and shrimp

New followers: I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Not all meals that I eat will be healthy, but most of them will be.

Last night, in SNOMG/SNURRICANE/SNOWPOCALYPSE NOW, I braved NJ Transit to vie for my parents’ favorite child to go home for their anniversary. (What’s that? I’m the only child and there’s no competition? Oh…)

For their anniversary, we went to my favorite restaurant in NJ. My mom and I started with those mussels, and my dad got the mozzarella en carrozza (breaded, fried mozzarella)…I had one piece of his, as it’s pretty much one of my favorite foods ever. I ordered the scallops and had asked them for only a bit of the risotto and to add lots of veggies on the side. Veggie fail. I was too hungry to wait for them to send it back, but at least there was less risotto.

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