Running Tumblrs… Runblrs?

Below is a great list of running blogs.

I also commented on her post: “

“Also, some runners trying to lose weight started running as a way to mix up their cardio and genuinely fell in love with the running :)”
I would totally not be training for a second half-marathon and thinking about a marathon if it were only about losing weight. I’m crazy but not that crazy!
And Tumblr, please please please get the pro-anorexic sites out of the directory.


So a few posts back I asked you guys for some recommendations for running tumblogs — you know, blogs that are really focused on running and loving to run, rather than running as a means to an end (usually weight loss.*) Ironically enough, nearly everyone that left answers and/or commented to share my frustration were, themselves, among the few that I would count as running-focused tumblrs.

Losingweightinthecity asked me to make a list of some of the ones I follow/like, so here it is, in no particular order:

Amber writes about training, what it’s like to identify as a runner, and blogs some awesome inspirational quotes from time to time. It’s nice because she writes a lot about her personal experience, and she doesn’t get bogged down in the “I ran this many miles in this much time and did intervals and blah blah blah technical running talk.”

Eric is a fellow Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge teammate who blogs about running, fund raising and deep thoughts like “I need to stop carbo-loading on beer.” No Eric. No you don’t.

Mark is another fellow DFMCer and is training for his first marathon. His blog title is pretty awesome. He doesn’t blog super often, but when he does he writes about his trials, tribulations, injuries and fundraising.

Justin is my boyfriend (and training partner) and thus I am probably contractually obliged to list him here. If he blogged every time he ate a cheeseburger, he would be the most prolific blogger of all time.

Stephanie blogs about lots of things, including running. She is training for the New Jersey Marathon in May with Team in Training for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and is generally hilarious.

Laurel! Where have you gone?! Laurel is an awesome running blogger who has been MIA for a month or so. She blogs about running in NYC, what she eats, and how many pairs of gloves she has to wear during winter runs. She is also running the Boston Marathon this year, but as a qualifier.

I really dig Emily’s “Why do you run?” series.

Honorable mentions: Weight loss and training blogs

  • My sister, Abby and our friend, Carrie are on a journey to become “plexorexic,” the Boston College term for gym rat. (The gym at BC is named The Flynn Recreation Complex, and students call it the Plex for short.) As most diligent college students, all they do is drink, so this makes their journey a difficult one. Follow their farcical attempts at exercise and getting healthy… their blogs have more than once made me laugh out loud at work. Examples of their stunning prose:

“Needless to say, no one (including Abby) wanted to join me at the plex on Thursday, so I did a quick 30 minute run, and some gentle arm weights, followed by a night of heavy drinking.” (Carrie)


“There really is nothing worse than going to the gym and seeing all the teeny girls in their yoga pants and colorful tank tops (pretty sure most of them don’t even wear sports bras) prancing away on the ellipticals.

How did they get so tiny, exerting so little effort?” (Abby)

  • I also enjoy Shedding It & Getting It, a fitness blog with hilarious posts on topics such as the “Standing-room only dress (n.): a dress so short that one must stand while wearing it out of fear of flashing her undercarriage when standing back up after sitting down.” and how to have a “Cardio Power Hour.”

*There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, as long as you’re doing in a healthy way that will help your body become/remain strong. Sadly, a lot of the weight loss blogs I’ve skimmed are, as icanseenewyorkcityfrommyhouse pointed out, unhealthy. Including one on the Health/Fitness directory page. Tumblr, get it together and get the pro-ana sites outta here please?

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