Technically, steel-cut oats are supposed to take awhile to cook. But if you’re a New Yorker that insists on instant gratification (or if you’re just hungry/lazy), you can microwave them. I learned this morning that although microwaving is usually an option on a lot of foods, it might not be the *best* option.

Why is my oatmeal purple, you ask? After the first round of microwaving, I threw in some frozen berries. I think I left them in for too long because they got all melty like this. The oatmeal was just way too watery. I like it thick. It was still tasty, and filling though.

You may have noticed there was no picture of my dinner last night. Don’t worry, I ate!

I had a Junior League meeting and then (no big deal) a red-carpet premiere, so I grabbed a banana before I left and trudged in my cocktail dress and four-inch heels to the subway, cursing to myself about the weather the entire way there. After my meeting, I hightailed it down to the Meatpacking District to Simyone Lounge, which apparently *everyone* just calls SL. It was a premiere for two new CW shows, Fly Girls and High Society.

At these kind of events, it’s always interesting to just sit and make fun of everyone else, so that was what we did. Supposedly, Tyra Banks, my man Andre Leon Talley, and Tinsley Mortimer were there, though we didn’t see them.

Afterwards, we went to Ara Wine Bar, which was adorable. We split a little Indian pizza appetizer and a Mediterranean plate. (I was clearly more excited about the latter, which had hummus, artichoke hearts and SUNDRIED TOMATOES.) I didn’t feel like whipping out my phone/camera. Sorry!

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