Tonight, we had a Junior League meeting at Brother Jimmy’s. A bunch of Junior League women sitting around drinking beer? Oh hell yeah! I looked at the menu this afternoon to figure out what might be healthy. (The irony here is that I was the one that picked the restaurant.)

I don’t really do salad, so that wasn’t an option. A pulled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries qualifies, for me, as not too bad. It’s not really healthy, but there are worse things for me I could have had. (I only had the bottom half of the bun.)

I honestly forget it’s kind of weird to take pictures of all your food, so I was a bit surprised when someone asked what I was doing. I think it was another one of the ladies that chimed in, “she has a blog!” Or I might have bashfully admitted it. I love having this blog, and I’m not anonymous in the least, but I do get a little embarrassed sometimes.

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