2010 Race Calendar!

I read E’s road-to-Chicago plan, and thought I’d think myself about the races I plan on doing between now and Chicago.

I’m trying to do the 9+1 NYRR program (you run 9 races and volunteer 1 in 2010 to get into the 2011 marathon) so that the option to run the 2011 NYC Marathon is there if I want to, without having to fundraise. (I have nothing but utmost respect for those like Michelle who train and fundraise for races like it ain’t no thang, but I have had a hard time raising money for races.) So, since I have seven races to go and a marathon to lead up to, I thought I might figure out some races for the next 8-9 months and look at the races I’ve already done this year.


January 9: Rocked the Disney Half-Marathon.

February 14: Rocked the Valentine’s 5K in Prospect Park

February 20: Earned 2 9+1 credits in the Race for Haiti


March 21: Expecting to rock the NYC Half

October 10: CHICAGO!

Planning On:

April 11: NYRR Run as One 4M

May 15: NYRR Healthy Kidney 5K

June 12: NYRR Women’s Mini 10K, because a ladies-only race is an interesting idea.

June 24: American Heart Association Wall Street Run 3M, because it’s the only race I’ve ever seen that STARTS in my ‘hood!

September 11: Fitness magazine Mind, Body and Spirit games 4M

September 19: (maybe) Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon (as a tune-up for CHICAGO)

September 26: NYRR Continental Fifth Avenue Mile (because a mile race is the easiest qualifying race EVER!)

Anybody wanna run any of these? Also, does anybody know of any organized NYC programs that train for the Chicago Marathon that don’t involve fundraising?

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