Banishing Belly Fat

That’s my focus these days, as far as weight loss/toning up. (As far as fitness, it’s training for a marathon!)

Anyway, I’ve followed the awesome Sarah for awhile on Tumblr. Yesterday, I clicked through to her site. Um, check out those abs! So I asked her a question yesterday about how I could get abs like hers. Check out her answer below. It’s all pretty common-sense stuff, but it’s good to remember:

First, I’m so flattered you read my blog! I follow yours as well (since Tumblr first started doing the directory and I’ve loved it since!)

So in regards to my abs, I think part of it is good genes but I am not one of those naturally skinny people AT ALL.  I just gain and lose easiest in my tummy.  So it’s pretty noticeable to me when I need to let up on the dessert. 

I have always been a runner.  I think first and foremost that is what helps.  I run between 30-50 minutes 3-4 days a week (unless it rains for 5 days straight like this week). 

Also, I try to always do strength training moves that require stability from my core.  For example, rather than doing regular bicep curls, I stand on a bosu ball or on one leg.  For squats, I’ll put weights on my shoulders at a perpendicular angle (elbows pointing forward).  The forces your core to work hard to keep your chest and head up.   I do a lot of planks, and love pilates ab moves like the hundred. 

Lastly, I try to eat clean.  My idea of junk food is trail mix or an apple with peanut butter during the week.  Rarely do I eat pasta or bread and if I do, it’s under 100 calories in a single sitting.  I don’t drink soda, diet or regular.  I try not to drink beer.  I am of course a secret addict to sweets (which I reveal at times), but I know I’ve gotta work it off within the next day or two to make sure it doesn’t stick.  

Thanks again for the amazing compliment.  I honestly don’t focus exclusively on my abs during workouts except maybe one move, but I just try to always be using them during the day whether it’s sitting up straight or giving them squeeze while I run.

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