But what happens when someone sets no boundaries about what she’ll share online? What happens when someone’s narcissism and obsession with fame (at least of the internet variety) leads her to vomit entire contents on her personal life, her family’s life, and the private information of her “friends” and suitors? Ladies and gentleman, if you haven’t virtually met her yet, allow me to introduce you to Julia Allison, fameball extraordinaire, whose recent public meltdown should be a cautionary tale to all of us with any online presence at all.

The Frisky: Writing About Your Personal Life Online, A Cautionary Tale

I urge you to go read this entire column. I couldn’t have said this better myself.

(via lizlemon)

I’ve realized lately that I write an awful lot about myself, beyond just my meals. I post a lot of photos of myself (presumably to show how far I’ve come…and sometimes really fun things I do, but still, a lot of photos of myself). My meals are frequently social interactions, and I often write about whom I’m eating with.

I can definitely see how one can start oversharing. So, if you ever think I am — about you, about someone else, about me, let me know! Blogs, by their nature, are somewhat narcissistic, but I always try to stay on the “somewhat” side, which includes never assuming my real-life friends/family members have read something I’ve written.

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